To transfer or not to transfer?

Two complex areas of finance are tax and pensions.

Transferring a UK pension to a New Zealand involves both.  It is important you understand the risks, benefits, and future implications of transferring your UK pension to New Zealand. 

• What benefits, if any, will you be losing by transferring your UK pension?  • Will you lose any of your pension value if you transfer?  

• When will you be able to access your pension?  

• What are the tax implications both in the UK and NZ?  

• How much will it all cost?  

Quartz three-stage approach assists you from end to end: 

1. Advice: We help you answer the important questions, so you can make an informed decision about whether to transfer your pension or not. We also perform a search and selection for the QROPS provider that suits you best! 

2. Implementation: We help you liaise with your UK Pension Provider and QROPS provider to ensure a smooth pension transfer process.

3. Management: We help monitor your QROPS portfolio’s performance and recommend changes when necessary, as well as keeping you up to date with any UK pension regulation changes that could impact you.   

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